WILMONE (Liquid Organic Manure)

Wilmon is a high quality organic fertilizer, which contains potassium, folinic acid, humic acid, enzymes, vitamins and gibberellins in natural state, which generate a special type of energy in plants. Due to which the plant gets energy through photosynthesis and grows substantially. This makes the crop healthy and plentiful. By using which higher production of crops can be achieved.



Willmon contains amino acids which are immediately absorbed by plants. It can also be used in soil treatment and spraying.

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Product Details

  • Packing available : Granular: 5kg, Liquid: 1000ml. / 500ml / 250ml / 100ml
  • Quantity : 3.5ml / per acre
  • Crops : Paddy, sugarcane, maize, wheat, cotton, potato, vegetables, mango, banana, guava, tea, coffee, flowers, medicinal plants, all types of pulses and oilseeds crops etc.

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