OXBELL – 45 (Potassium Nitrate N.P.K. 13:00:45)

Calcium Nitrate is applied to crops & it enhances the inflorescence, spurs the root system, stem & leaves to grow normally to the optimum level as per the varietal characters of the crop plants.

This is recommended for all fruit crops especially for tropical & subtropical fruit crops like Apple, Peach, Pear, Plum, Almond & Papaya etc. This is the major requirement for all vegetable which are grown under controlled conditions & flower crops grown in Poly Houses. Shade net houses & glass houses. So it is the universal requirement of the crops in Hi-tech Agriculture through fertigation technology.


Granulates the fruits in grey color, provides resistance during transport ad extend the ston/ze life of the p
Increases the carbohydrates contents in the fruits.
Highly efficient environmental protection as greening fertilizer.
It contains no filler to additives, does not evaporates and washout.
It does not create alkaline conditions.
It improves the soil & granulates the soil molecules to anti-calcinate.

Product Details

  • Packing available : 1kg
  • Quantity of use : 5 - 7 gm mix per liter of water and spray on fruits, vegetables, Rabi, Kharif crops.
  • Crops : Paddy, sugarcane, maize, wheat, cotton, potato, vegetables, mango, banana, guava, tea, coffee, flowers, medicinal plants, all kinds of pulses and oilseed crops etc.

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