Bentosoil maintains sulfur availability during the crop growth period which helps in getting good yield. It plays an important role in the formation of proteins.


  1. Improves soil acidity
  2. Softens the soil and increases its storage power.
  3. Very useful for improving alkaline soil.
  4. Protects the crop from diseases
  5. Available to plants at a slow rate.
  6. Provides sulfur for the entire crop.
  7. Increases the usefulness of nitrogen, phosphate and micronutrients.


Product Details

  • Packing available : 5 kg.
  • :
  • Crops : In paddy, sugarcane, maize, wheat, cotton, potato, vegetables, mango, banana, guava, tea, coffee, flowers, medicinal plants, all types of pulses and oilseed crops etc.

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